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Public Houses in Halvergate

In 1796 records show that two public houses existed in Halvergate The Crown and The Hare & Hounds. Both had likely been in business for many years before this but the unfortunate demise of a Mr. Chapman Ives of Coltishall enables us to trace their history from this date.

Mr. Ives had been the owner of Coltishall Brewery and in 1796 after his death his entire estate including the brewery and all it's houses were sold by public auction.

This was an important sale as the printed particulars testify. Twenty eight lots including the leases for The Crown and the Hare & Hounds.

Let us consider for a moment the geography of the situation. The working men of Halvergate obviously had thirst sufficient for two houses. The beer presumably brewed by Mr. Ives in Coltishall would have been delivered in considerable quantity to Halvergate by Horse and Dray. That's over 12 miles as the Crow flies much further by road, quite a journey. It is possible that deliveries were made by boat to Reedham or Acle but this is speculation. If anybody has further information about this we would love to know.

The Hare & Hounds was lot 21 in the sale and the lease was bought by Steward & Patteson, well known in Norfolk as Brewers and Landlords. The Crown was the final lot of the sale and also purchased by Steward & Patteson.

The Hare & Hounds The Hare and Hounds, seen here in it's location opposite the village pond

This is The Crown public house probably around 1890.

With the exception of the single storey extension on the front of the building it looks very much as it is being restored.

The Crown

We would really like to hear from anybody who can contribute further to the history of these buildings.  If you have photographs we would like to copy them and display them on these pages for all to see.


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